A special thanks to Double Exposure, Inc. for their First Exposure Playtest Hall at GenCon 2016.  I had an amazing time and met some fantastic playtesters and designers.  As part of the playtest I asked the playtesters to fill out a questionnaire to find anything that needed polishing in the game. I also game them the option to give a quote or statement about the game in their humble opinions.  Here are a few such quotes:



“A competitive coven convenes around a cauldron to cast curses and create concoctions. Great for hexing a friend (or three) behind their backs while you become the reigning witch.Jonathan Ross Matthews, playtester



2016-08-05 18.06.57

“Quick to learn and appropriate for young and old players. There are many ways to play so each session feels unique.”Joseph Mazurek, playtester




2016-08-04 14.39.22


“There is great interplay between players.”Michelle Byrd, playtester








“This game did a VERY good job of letting me feel like a wicked witch!”Aaron Lehmann, playtester



“Great gameplay and the amount of work that was put in [to the game] is something you can tell.”Kyle Atterson, playtester



“Easy to learn, with beautiful artwork! The turn order is quick and moves at a good pace.”Crystal Schroder, playtester


The playtest revealed a minor tweak needed in the scoring aspect of the game and a happy accident, I had originally expected everyone to use one shared Diablerie Track but printed out multiple copies.  I decided to shrink them down and add a turn order guide (which I edited and reprint after the first session) and ended up giving each player one as a sort of play mat.  It worked out well and solved the one problem I found in earlier playtests that players would sometimes forget to adjust their Diablerie score.  With their own track this problem was solved! It is funny how sometimes the answer seems obvious afterwards.

An additional change was removing some scoring elements and balancing the others.  Now, Diablerie is more costly and the bonus for most tokens has been replaced with larger score values for the individual resource types to reduce bookkeeping. A great experience and I will definitely be doing it gain next year with our following game “Thieves Honor”.  Now, I must get back to the cauldron!

Stay tuned for more info!