Scourge World

Upcoming RPG Project

This year, in addition to a card game (or two), we will be presenting an RPG setting. The setting is called Scourged World.

Scourged World is a post-post apocalyptic fantasy RPG where the planet was hit and has recovered from a major meteor strike that pushed the medieval fantasy world into a Dark Ages. The game begins some 250 years later as the Dark Ages begin to subside.


Scourged World is a Powered by the Apocalypse game, meaning that the game is built upon the Apocalypse Engine, one of the most accessible and approachable open game systems available.

The game is designed to be completely compatible with Dungeon World by Sage Kobold Productions, written by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel. Scourged World contains a detailed setting with a few additional rules and dozens of new playbooks (character classes).

For more information about Scourged World, visit Magic Circle Games’ sister website: for more details.

You can find some of these playbooks on DrivethruRPG with more added all the time:

The Runesmith

The Darksilver Dwarf Shadow Mage

The Dwarven Tomb Robber

The Pilgrim

The Halfling Burglar

The Elven Archer