On Hexes and Being Hexed in Cauldron: Bubble and Boil

As I lay here recuperating from an Emergency Room visit and a few days in the hospital, I feel inspired to write about one aspect of the game, namely hexes. Ugh, I feel like I have been hexed which is, of course, why I decided to write this… so let me begin by discussing how the hex spells work in Cauldron: Bubble and Boil.

Cards in Cauldron: Bubble and Boil have five sections:

  1. Garden Resources
  2. Artwork 
  3. Card Name
  4. Hex Description (Cost and Effect)
  5. Potion Information (Name, Resources Required, Point Value)

Hexes are a way to either help you get victory points and/or resources or to cause your opponent(s) to have to work harder to brew their potions. Sometimes a hex does both.

But hexes are rarely free. In order to cast the hex you must pay the casting cost. In the example here, Cackle Syrup fist tells you to move your marker on the Diablerie track. Then it tells you to discard one resource cube that is currently in one of your gardens.

The Diablerie track keeps track of how willing you are to resort to evil magics to get ahead. It is also a way to generate victory points, scoring additional points if you are highest on the track at the end of the game. In a game with three or more players, the player with the lowest score also gains additional points.

The Hex effect for Cackle Syrup is to take 2 random resources from another player’s Cauldron and put it into your own. On the plus side, the victim also gets to discard one Corruption Token from their cauldron if they have one. Corruption Tokens inhibit your ability to brew and score potions at the end of the game, so having a lot can be a bad thing. (But having the most corruption at the end of the game also grants some extra victory points, same as Diablerie).

Hexes are cast on your turn with one exception: The Counterspell Hex allows you to cast it when a Hex is being cast upon you.

Well, I better get back to drinking more fluids…Hmm, this potion looks interesting…

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