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Cauldron: Bubble and Boil Core Rules:


And an early playthrough explanation here:

The Card List (Main Deck sorted by Hex Name):

Card Hex nameAmount in the deck
Blackened Contract5
Boiling Curse5
Cackle Syrup5
Devilish Dare5
Dispell Darkness5
Hag’s Premonition5
Wart Removal Spell5
Crooked Deal4
Demonic Siphon4
Hoary Hex4
Lunar  Eclipse4
Moon Harvest4
Benandanti’s Blessing3
Logistical Hex3
Memory Hex3
Villainous Venom3
Diabolic Boon2
Enchant Familiar Chow2
Summon Shadows2
Total = 80 cards

The Advanced Victory Conditions Card list:

Alchemist’s Talent1
Cruel Cackling1
Cursed Soil1
Diabolical Ink1
Hag’s  Thrift1
Insidious Corruption1
Nightmarish Corruption1
Pixe Gardens1
Rotten Ink1
Verdant Glades1
Total = 10 cards