Cauldron: Bubble and Boil contents

The following is the updated list of contents for the two editions of Cauldron: Bubble and Boil: Retail Edition of Cauldron: Bubble and Boil 1 Rulebook 1 Lore book (with stories by Kickstarter backers) 4 Cauldrons 4 player mats (with diablerie score and turn order guide) 1 Victory Point scoreboard […]

We Did It! We Funded Cauldron: Bubble and Boil

Furthermore the backers unlocked the Advanced Victory Condition Cards, the Solar Eclipse card, and improved card stock AND convinced THE coven leader (me) to offer a DELUXE EDITION with extra cards, deluxe score markers and card stock, etc. Additionally, several mini-expansions will be available in the pledge management check-out! Now […]

Gen Con 50 Events!

Going to Gen Con? If so, check us out at one of our events! We are running a mini-championship to see who can win a copy of Cauldron: Bubble and Boil!  There will be consolation prizes and swag too! Come check us out at one of the four events! The […]

A Long Post on the Development of Cauldron: Bubble and Boil

Cauldron: Bubble and Boil has gone through numerous changes and tweaks over the years. I thought I would share a few of these with you. When Cauldron: Bubble and Boil (originally titled “Witches Brew” then changed to “Cauldron” after I discovered there was a game called “Witches Brew”…there will be […]


Over the coming days I will be posting sections of the rulebook for Cauldron: Bubble and Boil.  To tide you over until then, here is an example of the turn order guide that will be on every player mat.